How to use Zoom H4 Recorder

Zoom H4


  1. Slide the power switch to the right to turn on.


2. Check your recording setting.


3. Press the menu button on the right side of Zoom and scroll the wheel down to select ‘REC’ menu.



4. Select the appropriate Recording Format for your project

** Recommended setting: WAV 44.1kHz 24 bit **

5. Now you can see your recording setting is updated.


6. Now it is ready to record.

  • Press the record button once – It will start flickering. This is the monitoring mode but it is not recording yet. 
  • Press the record button one more timeYou will see the red light is steady and the time code starts counting up. Now it is recording. 


7. Adjust your mic input level using the up/down button on the right side.


8. Adjust your monitoring level using the up/down button on the left side.


9. To stop recording, press stop button.


** To format SD card – Press the menu button, scroll down to select SD card menu, and follow the instruction.





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