How to use SonicMaps Editor

To use SonicMaps, we need:

  • Download SonicMaps Editor and SonicMaps Player onto your GPS tool (
  • We need audio files with public links on the Internet (Hudscape SoundMap)

Preparing Audio Files

  1. Upload all audio files you want to use on Hudscape SoundMap first. This is to get public links for all your audio files.
  2. Once you uploaded all your sound files on SoundMap, you need to save all the public links for your audio files.

Click on your audio file on the map – When you see your audio window pop up, do right click the sound player- select COPY VIDEO ADDRESS. Now your audio link is copied on the clipboard.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 14.42.56.png

Open a notepad (any word processing program) and paste the link.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 14.43.33.png

Do this step for every audio file you want to use for SonicMaps.

3. When you copied all audio links, send the list of links to your email so that you can access the link from your GPS tool. 

SonicMaps Editor

  1. Open SonicMaps App. It will spend some Internet data to load the map if you are not connected to WI-FI.

** The map shows the areas where you are standing with your GPS tool ONLY. ** 

2. Click on the location where you want to locate your audio file – select New Area – You will see your area is ready.

3. Click on the area gain to see ‘Sound Properties’ window.


4. Go to your email or where you saved your audio file links. Copy your audio link and paste it onto the sound properties window.


* Make sure all your audio file links finish with audio file format extension such as .mp3 *

5. Adjust audio playback settings as you wish.

2D sound – it plays the audio file with even volume for the circled area

3D sound – it increases audio volume as a user comes closer to the centre of circled area.

Loop on/off

The slide below is to change the volume of the audio playback.

Hit Update button every time when you change the setting.


6. Don’t forget to save your project frequently!!

Press ‘Save’ on the bottom of your screen, and you will see this page.


Fill up your project information and hit save.

7. When you located all your sound files, you need to publish your project to make it available for other users.

Press ‘Save’ menu to go to the same page above, and press ‘Publish’.


You need to put your user authentication to publish. If you don’t have an account for SonicMaps, you can create one.


Now your project is published! You will see your project is listed on SonicMaps Website.


There is a tutorial video on SonicMaps website too.


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