How to use SonicMaps Player

Download SonicMaps Player (

There are two different ways of using SonicMaps Player

  • WIFI preload mode (To save mobile internet data, this setting is recommended)
  • Progressive downloading during a walk using a 3G/4G data network.

WIFI preload setting

  1. Stand at WIFI hotspot and open SonicMaps Player – Click ‘Browse’ to search your project or enter URL directly if you know your project link.


2. When you click browse, it will connect to SonicMaps Project page – Find your project and click ‘get link’ – Copy the project link and paste the URL on SonicMaps Player.

thumb_IMG_4009_1024      thumb_IMG_4010_1024thumb_IMG_4012_1024       thumb_IMG_4013_1024


** The Projects made by Greenhead College Students are below. Copy those links and paste in the URL box. 

Group 1 – A Step in Time (Market Place Area)

Group 2 – Night At The Arcade (Byram Arcade)

Group 3 – Off The Rails (The Train Station)

Group 4 – Downstreet Echo (Wood Street)

Group 5 – Steel (Parish Church Yard)


3. Click Load and make sure the WIFI preload mode is selected.


4. It will start downloading the project.

IMG_4021.jpg IMG_4023.jpg

5. You will see located sound files on your map now.

When the Circle is:

Green: Sound file is ready to play.

Yellow: Sound file is still loading

Red: Sound file is not available

Black: Out of GPS available Zone

thumb_IMG_4015_1024.jpg     thumb_IMG_3997_1024.jpg




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