Group 1 – Ryan, Lewis, Magdalene, David and Phoebe


We have chosen to use the space outside Huddersfield St. Peters Church because there is a variety of different sonic entities including the sounds of cars, footsteps, people, bells, wind and a lot more that we can utilise and express.

This church has a rich history which could be used to our advantage to create a story with these sounds. One idea is to re-create it getting built up in 1834, with the sounds of construction and the historical environment.


One comment

  1. davidlukemcg · January 28, 2016

    Me, Pheobe and ‘MAGDALEN’ are all up for the church, we think it will be a fabulous location for a soundscape and we should be able to create a vivid story using the available environment, CAN’T WAIT!


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