Group 4 – Finn, Danny, Joe, and Euan

We have chosen to utilise the space outside Huddersfield St. Peters Church. We feel like this would be the perfect place as there is phenomenal amounts of history in this location. As it is in a church there are so many noises we could pick up; church bells, clocks, weddings, funerals, as well as non religious events such as maypole.

While doing research, we discovered the church was originally built when Walter De Lacy fell from his horse into a swamp. We could potentially create the sounds of this incident which inspired the the church to be built. During the course of the churches history, there has been many repairs, which could also be recreated with building sounds. The church was built in the 1000’s which means we could create sounds from major events from the world wars, as well as more recent events such as the large ‘sound system’ reggae scene that hit huddersfield in the late 20th century.Huddersfield_Parish_Church_009

As well as the church itself, there was a diverse range of living things there, ranging from ourselves, to business men, to pigeons to the homeless. We also believe there is a large amount of sound we can gain from this.


One comment

  1. finncrossley · January 28, 2016

    Some facts in this need changing however we asa group are still keen to use the Church for our location. However, if it is not possible to use this then we would also be keen to use the Town Alley as it is a good location to tell a story through sound. There is great potential in he alleys there are many noises that could be used.


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