Group 5: Huddersfield Parish Church

History Of The Parish Church

The first church was built by Walter de Laci was a wealthy nobleman who held a great deal of land in Yorkshire, including the manors of Huddersfield and Almondbury. The story of how the church was built was that Walter got thrown from his horse into a swampy marsh, and vowed that if he was spared that he would go on to build a church. He kept to this promise and founded the Huddersfield Parish Church in 1090 to 1100. In 1503-1506 the church was rebuilt into the ‘perpendicular’ style. Another restoration project was held which raised the floor by eight feet and constructed a crypt, extended the nave by thirty feet to the west, and built the tower much higher to 120 feet. This work was completed in 1836 and the church keeps mainly the same design as back then. There is a lot of history to be explored with the Parish church and many ideas come to mind when thinking of designing soundscapes and sound walks.


One comment

  1. krysku · January 28, 2016

    What a fantastic choice, the dark, creepy old church has a huge potential due to the great acoustics which produces natural echo effect. If we wouldn’t be able to record there, we could possibly go instead to the Huddersfield Train Station which consists of mechanical sounds which could be interesting, any other ideas?


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