Week 1 – Workshop Journal

On the first day of the Sound Imagining workshop, the Greenhead College students learnt about ‘Soundscape’ composition and ‘Soundwalk’.

The workshop leader, Jung In, introduced the definition of Soundscape and some composition works from Soundscape Pioneers including Luigi Russolo, Hildegard Westerkamp, Luc Ferrari, and Chris Watson.


Jung In Jung introduces the French soundscape composer, Luc Ferrari, to the Greenhead College Students.

The crucial practice to create Soundscape is Listening, because it helps to realise our sonic environment and to find interesting sound entities to create musical composition.

A soundwalk is the listening practice introduced by soundscape pioneers. The students practiced how to be aware of their sonic surrounding in the class first. They listened to the close sounds from their body and then gradually to sounds further away from them.


Greenhead College students were asked to close their eyes to focus on listening to their sonic environment in the class.


Three different areas were chosen to go for a soundwalk: The train station, Byram Arcade and Parish Church yard. The students were divided into three groups and walked around those areas with their group leaders.


Dr. Liz Dobson is leading a soundwalk for a group of students in Market Place.


Another group of students is listening to the sonic environment in Byram Arcade closing their eyes.


The students listened to what kind of sounds were dominating those areas and what kind of sounds were interesting to create soundscape compositions.


Maps of three different areas and notes taken by students.



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