Group 2- Sarah, Lucas, Adrian, Danielle, Mason

The place that we thought we would like to use was Byram arcade, because it is a cavernous space that could either be very quiet or very loud at any given moment, which gives us a big range of sounds to use, which we thought would be interesting.

arcadeWe had a few different ideas whilst we were in the building that could show a lot of potential:

  • Representing the passing of time as you walk from one end of the hall to the other, early in the morning when things are slow, afternoons when it is very busy and then in the evening when it is all quiet again.
  • Making use of the great reverb by dropping things such as pebbles from the balcony (making sure not to damage the floor!) and creating things from the sounds they make.
  • During quiet times you would hear quieter sounds, so we could emphasize some high frequency sounds such as buzzing lights, chairs scraping and doors opening.