Week 4 – Workshop Journal

Finally it is time to locate sound files using SonicMaps app!

Students went out to their chosen locations and located their soundscape compositions onto a GPS map in SonicMaps editor.





After they finished locating their sound files, they checked whether their projects are working well as they designed using headphones.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.15.07.png



Students are preparing their powerpoint presentations for the public event now!




!! See you all at 7:30 pm on 25th February at Bates Mill Photography Studio !!




Week 3 – Workshop Journal

Week 3 was the day for editing sound files!

Students extracted all their field recordings and listen to their sound files one by one again. They labeled each sound file properly and planned how to create their sound maps.


Group 1’s Sound Map in Market Place Area.


Students started editing sound files in the sequence software, Logic Pro X, and the open source, Cecilia. They experimented with different audio effects and some students made interesting beats and rhythms.

Group 1 created dark and scary ambient with the sound of power plant and random human speech to recreate the mood of the environment when they first found those sound sources in the dark corner of the Market Walk. They also used their ATM sound recording to make a rhythmic pattern in Cecilia.

Group 2 created some melodic and rhythmic soundtracks using their recordings of coins, doors, and the metal structure in Byram Arcade. They planned to turn Byram Arcade into a completely different sonic space!


Group 3 made a 1:30 minute of soundscape composition. It includes sound of trains arriving and departing, announcements and crowd noise in the station. The composition has nice transitions of natural and artificial sound effects.

Group 4 compiled sound of voices, a spooky and dark ventilation fan noise, and some cans and bottles rolling in the street. They created a surreal fight scene, and creepy night street scenes.

Group 5 decided to use the bell sound of Parish Church as an iconic sound of their soundscape. They also made some short loops to develop them as longer compositions.

All their sound compositions are available to listen on Hudscape Soundmap.





Week 2 – Workshop Journal

The Greenhead College Students presented their ideas how they would like to create soundscapes depending on their locations.

Group 1 was interested in historical side of Market Place Square, and Group 2 decided to record various objects in Byram Arcade to create musical composition. Group 3 came up with the idea of creating a sound journal of someone’s day from the moment of arriving at the train station. Group 4 chose the town alley, Wood Street, to create a story telling with tension and decided to record sounds like rattling of locks, chains, metal grates, and the moving cans and bottles. Group 5 selected Parish Church yard and they researched on historical side of the church including some famous people who buried at the church.



After the presentation, they were introduced the portable sound recorder, Zoom H4N, and Zoom SGH-6 shotgun microphone. They tested the microphone with different angles and tried the shut gun microphone to test how far they could record a specific sound.



The students were split into groups and went out for recording. Even though it was very windy and rainy day, the students were very excited about going out for recording!

Group 1 walked around the market square and searched for interesting sounds to record. When moving from Market Walk, a narrow alley, towards Market Cross, they realised that their footsteps sound very different. They recorded sound of phone booth, metal chair, ATM cash point, cars and buses, using the listening practice they had learnt from the previous week.


Do they look suspicious? Don’t worry. They are only recording sound of the ATM!


Group 2 recorded different locations and objects in Byram Arcade. They touched and hit various objects and captured the sound of the lift going up and down.


While one person is recording sound, another person is documenting where and what they are recording. They are already one step forward to be professionals!


Checking every possible sound making object! Knock Knock.


Group 3 wanted to record not only the sound of the station itself but also capture what people do in the station. They recorded sound of someone walking, running and even buying a chocolate at the station shop!


Recording sound of someone walking at the station.


So looking forward to listening what kind sounds they have captured!


Week 1 – Workshop Journal

On the first day of the Sound Imagining workshop, the Greenhead College students learnt about ‘Soundscape’ composition and ‘Soundwalk’.

The workshop leader, Jung In, introduced the definition of Soundscape and some composition works from Soundscape Pioneers including Luigi Russolo, Hildegard Westerkamp, Luc Ferrari, and Chris Watson.


Jung In Jung introduces the French soundscape composer, Luc Ferrari, to the Greenhead College Students.

The crucial practice to create Soundscape is Listening, because it helps to realise our sonic environment and to find interesting sound entities to create musical composition.

A soundwalk is the listening practice introduced by soundscape pioneers. The students practiced how to be aware of their sonic surrounding in the class first. They listened to the close sounds from their body and then gradually to sounds further away from them.


Greenhead College students were asked to close their eyes to focus on listening to their sonic environment in the class.


Three different areas were chosen to go for a soundwalk: The train station, Byram Arcade and Parish Church yard. The students were divided into three groups and walked around those areas with their group leaders.


Dr. Liz Dobson is leading a soundwalk for a group of students in Market Place.


Another group of students is listening to the sonic environment in Byram Arcade closing their eyes.


The students listened to what kind of sounds were dominating those areas and what kind of sounds were interesting to create soundscape compositions.


Maps of three different areas and notes taken by students.